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CVC Mixes Well With...

We designed our individual E-Liquid recipes and full product line to not only stand out on their own, but also be very mix-friendly. What this means is that you can become the E-Liquid mixologist and create your very own flavors! Here are a couple of our favorites and their ratios, but we encourage you to experiment and find what works for you!

70% Green Apple + 30% Cinnamon Crush = “Apple Sauce”

65% Vanilla Cloud + 35% Cinnamon Crush = “Churro”

90% White Mango + 10% Re-Fresh = “Little Umbrella”

Feel free to make your mixes of our other flavors as well and post about it on your Instagram. Tag @CaliVapeCo for a chance to win those combination of flavors in our monthly drawing!

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